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JerseyCouponMom.Com is not just for Moms. We started out in 2015 with YOU the consumer in mind. We help local families save THOUSANDS of dollars a year both Online Shopping and at the supermarket.  Although our main focus is Deals/Savings/Coupons, we are starting to branch out more to offer you 100% HONEST Reviews on “new” or innovative products to help you make a decision on where to spend your money.

With currently over 7,000 active members in our Facebook group, we work around the clock to help people get the best deals they possibly can, while keeping the look and feel of the website clean and basic. Our goal is to be able to have the average Joe come to our site, and actually UNDERSTAND what we are saying without getting lost in the coupon lingo or a page full of unrelated ads.

We ONLY post relevant content to our site. Sure we could make a ton of money by flooding you with Ads that will slow your computer down and load you up with Spam emails, but that is not who we are. We keep it clean and simple FOR YOU.


Here is what some of our readers have to say…


“I absolutely love JerseyCouponMom.com. This website saves me so much time and makes it so easy for me to figure out which deals I want to do and where. All the information provided on the website is always accurate which I really appreciate considering all the time it’s takes for me to prepare for my trips. I’ve never had any issues with deals I’ve done using JerseyCouponMom.com and let me tell you I’ve done a ton of great deals. I highly recommend this website to all.” – Christina S. – Bloomfield, NJ


“I love being part of the JerseyCouponMom.com community! The admins are so on top of the best deals available, as well as being supportive when there are questions to be answered. There are always posts for free/cheap deals each week categorized by store and which available coupons you should use. Couldn’t be easier!!! I also love the
fact that I can easily access their Coupon Database from my phone when I know there’s a coupon out there, but I can’t place which insert I saw it in. Saving money is less stressful when you have JerseyCouponMom.com in your corner!!” – Patty M., Kearny, NJ


 We are Always here to help.

You can contact us on any of the below platforms

Email: Jenn@JerseyCouponMom.Com

Facebook : facebook.com/jerseycouponmom

Twitter : twitter.com/jerseycouponmom

Instagram and YouTube Coming Soon ! 


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  1. Good morning. This may seem like a ridiculous question, but On the Facebook page it has a “sign-up “ link. What is it signing up for? When I click on it, it just takes me to the home page. I want to join the group but can’t figure out how. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks

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