Companies To Contact For Coupons- Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny

Did you know that you can Contact Companies Directly for coupons?

Well.. now you do. Check out your pantry and fridge for some of your favorite products to find their website or contact information.

Then simply give them a call or shoot them a nice email asking them for money saving coupons to save on their products.

MOST Companies will very gladly issue you out some coupons in the mail, and they are usually pretty good valued coupons !

See below for a sample email, and the contact information for Today’s Company,           Blue Bunny !! Continue reading

Where Do You Find These Magic Coupons?

Here you go, a list of all the major coupon sources.


Inserts – Smart Source, Redplum, P&G Brand Saver – These are weekly coupons that come in your Sunday (or Thursday) Paper.

Printable Coupons – There are TONS of sites that have Printable coupons.

If there is a specific item that you want to get, the best place for you to look is on that items website (or facebook page)

General printable coupons can be found at the following places





Mambo Sprouts

Common Kindness

There are other places as well, the above are just the most popular.

Catalina Coupons – These are the coupons that print out of the little machine when you get your receipt at checkout.

Tearpads – These are coupons that can be found in stores usually hanging by an item.

E-Coupons –  These are coupons that load on to your stores loyalty card. They automatically come off when you buy an item, and can be found on the stores website or app.