Companies To Contact For Coupons- Blue Bunny

Blue Bunny

Did you know that you can Contact Companies Directly for coupons?

Well.. now you do. Check out your pantry and fridge for some of your favorite products to find their website or contact information.

Then simply give them a call or shoot them a nice email asking them for money saving coupons to save on their products.

MOST Companies will very gladly issue you out some coupons in the mail, and they are usually pretty good valued coupons !

See below for a sample email, and the contact information for Today’s Company,           Blue Bunny !!

Seriously ..  its ICE CREAM ! ! Everyone loves Ice Cream !

Click HERE to go to their contact page


Good Afternoon,

Just writing this message to let you all know that our family LOVES your products. The Mini Swirls are AMAZING and perfect as a after dinner treat for me and my little one, Our house has blue bunny in it on a regular basis. If at all possible, can you please send me some Money Saving Coupons for your items to allow us to continue to enjoy your products.

Thank You,

Your Name

This is just an example of what you can write to them, but please feel free to add your own family’s experience to your email. Companies LOVE hearing feedback from the consumer !

Us here at JerseyCouponMom will be trying to post your companies info as frequently as possible while we are making a Giant Master List.

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