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Recently Sandy (My Pup) was asked to try a few different collars from one of our Amazon Friend Sellers. Here are her thoughts on the (2) That she tried. 

30740037_10156008700803859_7721641862884229120_nBingpet Red Designer Collar with Crystal Beads

$7.99 on Amazon

Sandy;s Thoughts: She really liked this one. It was a nice fit, not to bulky on her neck. It was comfortable.

Mom’s thoughts: I fear that with a few rough scratches she will knock some of the beads off, but the quality of the collar itself is nice. It is sturdy, a nice thick material, and I have no fears about it ripping or tearing if she pulls a little.


Overall .. Sandy and I give this 4 out of 5 paws

4 out of 5 paws













Bingpet Bling Charm Collar and Leash

$12.99 Collar on Amazon

$12.99 Leash on Amazon 

Sandy’s Thoughts: The collar was a bit thick on her neck, however she felt oh so fashionable wearing this set.

Mom’s Thoughts: This set is adorable. The second we got it on Sandy she started to strut around like she knew she was wearing something special. It is thick, and sturdy, there are some charms on the Collar, that seem to be nice and secure. I think it might unravel a bit overtime, but if used as a “Special” set when your pup has somewhere to go, it will hold up nice. The Hardware (Clasp and Loops) are VERY Sturdy on this.

Overall Sandy and I give this one 5 out of 5 paws !!

5 out of 5 paws

30742787_10156008701608859_605140533861416960_n 30743899_10156008702063859_1062827539006750720_n

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