Gliss Hair Repair Just 49 cents each at ShopRite!


Now at ShopRite from 8/6 – 8/12 Buy 2 Gliss Hair Repair

and pay only 49 cents each!

Here is your deal:

Buy 2 Gliss products at $5.49 each

Use (1) $5 off 2 Gliss Hair Repair

Use (1) ShopRite Digital $5 off 2 Gliss Hair Repair

OOP = 98 cents

Just 49 cents each!!

Such a great deal for these since they are usually so expensive!

2 thoughts on “Gliss Hair Repair Just 49 cents each at ShopRite!

    • Please disregard my comment. I think I found the answer on the ShopRite FAQ page.

      Q12: I recently saw a coupon on the website and now it’s no longer there. How can I find it?
      A12: Some digital coupons have a clip limit. The manufacturer supplies us with a limited amount of offers and once that amount has been clipped on our site, it is removed. And remember, if you have already downloaded and redeemed a coupon, it will no longer appear on the site once you are signed in. All digital coupons are a limit one.

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