Jenn’s CVS Clearance Trip – 4/2


Today I decided to take a trip to CVS .. NO … I did not go for Tide Pods … I went to go check out the Winter Clearance… and I AM SO GLAD I DID !!! ¬†Checkout what I got below !


Everything seen here was 90% off regular price !! 

Gloves Single Packs $0.29

Gloves Twin Packs $0.49

Gloves with Touch Screen Fingers $0.59

Hats $0.89

Kids Hat & Glove Sets $0.99

Kids Earmuff & Glove Set $0.99

Color Joy Trinket Trays $0.49

Color Joy Nail Art Stickers $0.29

Color Joy Magnets $0.29

Color Joy Pencil Pouch $0.49

Color Joy Markers $0.49

Color Joy Pillows $0.99

Microfiber Window Blind Duster $0.49

Hard Case Card Holders $0.49

Instant Mesh Guard $0.49

Show Organizer $0.49

Pill Organizer Wallet $0.49

Gamers Bowl $0.49

Everything in this picture cost me UNDER $30 (NO ECB’s or Coupons Used !)

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