ShopRite Clearance Finds!

Here are some clearance items that I found at ShopRite this week! Keep an eye out at your local store because they do not always have the same clearance items. Sometimes a clearance sticker is missing try to scan them at your store to check the price.  If you find any coupons I did not, please let us know in the comments!

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Beyond Seven Condoms  $3.49 with a $1 off peelie on it

Gerber Graduates Pudding $.79  $1 off 6 HERE



Finish $.55 off 1 HERE

Ben & Jerry’s has a cat that is printing out $1 off 3 (if your lucky)


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16736272_10212344441545922_1366344519_n  16736435_10212344444625999_1653466044_n

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There is a cascade HERE but not sure if these on clearance are considered “platinum”


Beech-Nut $1 off 5 RP 1/22


Gerber $1 off 2 SS 1/15

Gerber meals or side items $1 off 3 HERE

BUT I am not sure if the pick ups are allowed for the IP coupon.. if you try it please tell us how you made out.



Sensodine $1 off 1 HERE


Ace Coupons HERE

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