ShopRite Holiday Promotion – Everything you need to know

Free Turkey

Tomorrow (October 15th) startes ShopRite’s Holiday Promotion, if you are unfamiliar with this promotion, it is when you receive a FREE Turkey or Ham when you purchase $400.00 worth of items at ShopRite within the month long time frame.

Here is everything that you need to know about this promotion. 


What the ShopRite Website Tells You.

Just present your Price Plus® card to the cashier at the start of the order every time you shop at any ShopRite Supermarket starting Sunday, October 15 thru Thursday, November 23, 2017.

Price Plus® club membership is required to participate in this program. If you are not yet a Price Plus® club member, sign up today . . . It’s FREE and you get your card on the spot! You must use the same* Price Plus® card each time you shop at ANY ShopRite location.

No register tapes to save, or cards to punch each week! It happens automatically with your Price Plus® card at ShopRite.

Spend the required amount and qualify for ONE of the following:

  • ShopRite All Natural Frozen Turkey up to 21 lbs OR Save $1.49/lb off any other fresh, frozen or Kosher turkey (up to 21 lbs) or Tur-duc-hen (15 lb net wt)
  • Cooks Shank ½ Smoked Ham OR 5 lb Hormel Black Label Canned Ham OR Save $1.99/lb off Cook’s Spiral Sliced Ham, Boneless Ham or any other Smoked Ham
  • ShopRite Grade “A” or Shady Brook Frozen Turkey Breast 4-7 lb avg OR $1.99/lb off any other fresh or frozen turkey breast or Kosher turkey breast
  • Kosher Frozen Roasting Chicken 4 lb average
  • Stouffers 90-96 oz Frozen Lasagna, any variety
  • Tofurky 56 oz (Frozen Meat item)
  • Kosher Turkey $1.49/lb off up to 21 lbs


It’s easy! Our registers will automatically keep a running total of your purchases from Sunday, October 15 thru Thursday, November 23, 2017. You’ll see your current purchase total at the bottom of your register receipt, so you’ll know when you’ve qualified for your FREE item.

Get your FREE Item.
Once you’ve reached the purchase requirement, just pick up your free item the next time you shop at ANY ShopRite location thru Thurs., 11/23. Present your Price Plus® card at the check-out and we’ll automatically deduct the cost of the item from your shopping order!


Here is what they DON’T tell you…

The $400.00 Total is BEFORE Coupons…. KIND OF…

Here is an example

Reciept One


The first item on my Reciept is Lucky Charms Cereal Regular Price $3.99 On Sale for $1.99 and I had a Digital Coupon for $0.50.

Reciept Example One



What they accumulate towards the promotion is the $1.49 price point AFTER the store sale and the Digital Coupon.

Only sale prices AFTER your digital coupon count towards the promotion. 


The next thing you should know is about COUPONS.

Reciept Example Two




“SC” in the coupons portion of your Receipt is a STORE COUPON, and these are NOT COUNTED towards the promotion.

“MC” in the coupons portion of your Receipt is a MANUFACTURE COUPON, and these ARE Counted towards the promotion.

So, as you see above (and going back to the Lucky Charms for a minute) I had a $0.50 coupon for the Lucky Charms. If you remember, we had said that the price point going towards the promotion is $1.49. Since the store DOUBLES the Manufacture Coupon, that is considered a STORE COUPON, so it will actually REMOVE $0.50 from the promotion price… making the Total that I received in POINTS for the Lucky Charms $0.99.

Let me try to sum that up for you…

Since ShopRite is getting paid BACK for the face value of a coupon, they are counting it just as they would CASH towards the promotion…. however, if the coupon DOUBLES .. that is a Store Coupon (they are not getting paid back the double price) So in the case of the Lucky Charms, it was a $0.50 coupon (face value) so although the coupon doubled and I only paid $0.49 for the item… I received credit for $0.99.

Reciept BallanceReciept Holiday Points





So, Because of Coupons… I spent $13 out of my pocket… but got $26 towards the promotion.

Also, Catalina Coupons (although not shown) are considered MANUFACTURE COUPONS and are counted towards the promotion just like cash. 


As one final example, I am going to break down my whole receipt above for you.

Lucky Charms Cereal $1.49

  • Use $0.50/1 Coupon Doubled

Total OOP: $0.49 Total Towards Promo (TP) $0.99

(2) Blue Diamond Nut Crackers $3.00

  • Used (2) $0.75/1 Coupons Doubled

Total OOP: $0.00 Total TP: $1.50

(2) Peter Pan Peanut Butter $3.76

  • Used (2) $0.50/1 Doubled

Total OOP: $1.76 Total TP: $2.76

(4) Clorox Bleach $6.00

  • Used (2) $1.00/2 Coupons

Total OOP: $4.00 Total TP: $6.00

(2) Kame Brown Rice Crackers $3.38

  • Used (1) $1.50/2 Coupon

Total OOP: $1.88 Total TP: $3.38

(1) Cauliflower $2.50

  • Used (1) Store Coupon for $1.51

Total OOP: $0.99 Total TP: $0.99

1 6pk of Cupcakes $3.49

  • Used (1) $3.49 Digital Coupon ***

Total OOP: $0.00 Total TP: $3.49***

(2) Colgate Total Mouthwash $6.99

  • Used (2) $2.00/1 Coupons

Total OOP: $2.99 Total TP: $6.99

Total OOP FOR ALL : $12.11 + tax

Total Towards Promotion for All : $26.10

*** Please note, the Cupcake Digital Coupon did not Automatically come off, it was manually entered, therefore it read it as a Manufacture Coupon and NOT as a normal Digital Coupon.

MORAL OF THIS STORY … The more coupons you use .. the quicker you will get to your $400 Threshold.

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