MEGA ShopRite Shop From Home Deals!

MEGA ShopRite Shop From Home Deals!

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All of these items and more for $20.55 (before tax). 76 items for an average of $0.27 per item! This deal includes 8 laundry detergents/fabric softeners, 48 containers of wet dog food, 12 jumbo boxes of dryer sheets, and more! 

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Super Cheap Downy & Bounce at Stop & Shop!


Starting today at Stop & Shop we have a Buy $20, Save $7…we are expecting an awesome BOGO coupon this Sunday!

Here is your deal:

Buy 2 Downy ($10.98)

Buy 2 Bounce ($9.98)

Total: $20.96

Minus $7 instant

Use 2 Buy One Downy Get 1 Bounce Free Coupons (minus $9,98)

OOP $3.98 (thats .96 cents each!!!!)