Tara’s ShopRite Shopping Trip 5/24/17


This was shopping trip today at ShopRite!

Not pictured is another tub of Smart Balance butter & two cans of Bush’s beans that I gave to my mother. (This is why I LOVE to coupon.. I get to help others too!)

Almost all of the breakdowns are already posted in my previous post HERE   I will explain what isn’t below.

This was two transactions. The first was 4 Ken’s Dressing & a bag of Canilla Rice which was $2.39 (no coupon) OOP Total = $1.64

5 items for under $2!!

The second transaction :

The SR Hamburger Buns were $1 NO Coupon

The SR Saltines were $1.99 NO coupon

The Outshine Ice Pops were on sale for $2.77 and I used a catalina I received previously for $1.50 off 1 = $1.27

The Advil Infant pain reliever was a clearance item I found for $3.05 as I was shopping and I had an IP for $1.50 Off 1 Infant or Kids HERE

The Banana Boat was a bit different in my breakdown post than on this one.  I bought 1 kids SPF 50 spray for $4.99 and one aloe lotion for $2.84. $1 off 1 SR Digital & Used $4 Off 2 RP 5/21

The rest of the breakdowns for the other items again are HERE

My OOP for this transaction was just $16.81

22 Items for 16.81!

All together I spent $18.45 for 27 items!


Let us know all about your trips!



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