Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid Mattress – Product Review

Tomorrow Sleep System

As many of you know, I recently moved.  In the process of this move we decided that we were just going to get rid of our old matress and get something new for the new place.

We searched and searched AND SEARCH for what feels like FOREVER for something that we would not regret. Because to be honest with you there are about 5 MILLION different “Internet Matress” companies, all of which promise the same things. “BEST NIGHT SLEEP EVER” “Sleep for 100 days RISK FREE” “No Sagging” “No Flipping” “Sleep like you are a magical unicorn in a far away land” … ok so maybe I made that last one up, but you get the point.

We picked our “winner” and was 100% commited to it. It had everything we wanted. It was more of a traditional matress. It was designed for “larger” people (cause you know… Im not a size 2), it had AMAZING reviews etc..  I went to checkout, and I had NO IDEA WHEN the darn thing was going to ship. This was a Thursday afternoon, so I deceided to attempt to reach out to them by facebook… NOTHING. Tried calling them… STILL NOTHING. (I actually got an automated message saying their business hours where Monday- Friday 9am-5pm…. it was once again .. THURSDAY AFTERNOON) So I took the final aproach that I could think of which was Email them.

I sent them an email on a Friday evening at around 7pm…. and did not get a message back from them until Monday morning after 8am.  Yes, I know that they said their office hours are Monday to Friday … however you are an INTERNET COMPANY… and the Internet does not sleep… you should have someone SOMEWHERE that can deal with customer issues over the weekend..

It was around this time that I decided that this was NOT the company for me. I need to be able to communicate with people, I need to know that they have my back if there are issues. This is where Tomorrow Sleep came in.

I messaged them shortly after 5pm that Monday, with a question and I got an answer back ALMOST IMMEDIATLY. 

Tomorrow Sleep Message

EVERYTHING ELSE that I needed to know was already on their website. Shipping information was as clear as can be. 

I placed my order with Tomorrow Sleep the very next day… (and NO, I did not get it for free for this review) 


Tomorrow Sleep adverstises FREE 2-3 Day Shipping.

Meaning, that once they get and fullfill your order they ship it within 2-3 days NOT that you will have it within 2-3 days of placing your order.


We moved Sept 14th (2 days after I placed my order) and I was actually DREADING the idea of having to bring our old crappy mattress to the new place.  AND I DID NOT HAVE TO… When I pulled up with the moving truck There it was .. In all its HUGE BOX HEAVY AS HELL GLORY… right on my porch.

We opened up the box almost immediately because we knew that it would take some time for it to get into form, and we wanted to sleep on it that night. Let me tell you… if you have not gotten a Bed in a box before it is the coolest damn thing to watch. It just slowly grows and grows.

Our first night on the bed we were not sold about it AT ALL. We actually woke up the next morning thinking that we should return it. However, we decided to continue to try it cause heck why not we have 100 nights to try it and still be able to return it with no charge. And I am glad we did. Flash forward almost 3 weeks later, and I can honestly say that this was a purchase WELL MADE. We are both VERY happy with this mattress.

I was concerned about the “sagging” of the memory foam, but so far that is NOT an issue AT ALL. We lay on it and it molds to our bodies, and when we get up it bounces RIGHT back.  I do not know if there is anything majorly different between them and any of the other bed in a box companies, but I can tell you for certain that their customer service is EXCELLENT, and I do not think there will be an issue getting in contact with someone IF I do experience any problems.

Overall, (at least as of now) I HIGHLY recommend Tomorrow Sleep if you are in the market for a new mattress.

If you are interested you can click HERE to get $75 OFF any order of $550 or more.*     *This is a referral link, you will get $75 off, and I will get a gift card for referring you) 

 *Image below as proof that I was NOT paid to make this review. This 100% Honest and In my own words. The discount shown in the picture was an extended “Labor Day” promotion that they had going on. There are ALWAYS discount codes available for these types of things.

Matress total

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