Welcome Bell Farms To The Area – What you need to know (Updated)


This past Friday marked an important day for us shoppers in the Belleville Area. It is opening day for the new Supermarket in town “Bell Farms”.

Here is what we know…

  • Bell Farms is located at 414 Main Street in Belleville NJ. This is directly across the street from the KMART. They replaced Fine Fare, which used to be Food Basics.
  • Phone Number: 973-844-1025
  • Store Hours: 7am – 11pm (gives them a slight leg up as the other grocery store in Belleville (ShopRite) Closes at 10pm)
  • Their website can be found HERE, however it is currently Under Construction
  • They offer a 10% discount to All first responders and active military any day of the week, all you have to do is show your badge/id to your cashier.  (This is huge since most of the other grocery stores in the area only do it on certain days)
  • Bell Farms is owned by KEY FOODS (the same people who own Super Fresh, they are still in the process of adapting their coupon policy, but here is what we know so far.
  1.  ALL Manufacture Coupons (including Internet Printable’s) are accepted, but not doubled. 
  2. Since we are unaware of HOW MANY coupons they allow, please do not attempt to use more then 4 of the same coupon per shopping trip.
  3. They also accept any “Key Foods” Store coupons.


Bell Farms had a “Grand Opening” celebration on Saturday 5/27 and will have another one this upcoming Saturday (June 3rd) at their location, where they will have a ton of vendors scheduled for Food Samples and Giveaways between the hours of 11am – 4pm. This is a good chance for you to go get a feel for the place.

They will have a “new” $10 /$100 coupon available for use with their grand opening celebration, once it is sent to me I will share it with you all .. (it will look like the image below) 18718520_1448424905456228_1278306155_n

Unlike “Fine Fare” that was there before them, their social media presence seems to be strong, and getting in contact with someone was NOT an issue.

From what it appears, like the others in their shadow, Bell Farms seems to be geared more towards the Hispanic Community (meaning they sell A-lot of products that are distributed from Hispanic owned companies I.E. Goya, La-Fe, Mira, Charras, Malher, Iberia Etc… ) But Judging by their outdoor banners, they very well might have an excellent “International Foods” Section.

Also, from what we can tell from their facebook page, they are very big on Community. They have posted several different articles about local schools or events. It is very nice shopping at a store that feels welcoming and happy to be in the neighborhood.

Let us know what YOU think of having a new store in the area !

One thought on “Welcome Bell Farms To The Area – What you need to know (Updated)

  1. Hello All, Bell Farms welcomes you and thanks you for your patronage! We will be sharing our new coupon with your page shortly.

    The article is correct, we do have a large selection for the Spanish community but it was also correct in saying we have a large and growing International section including a large Eastern European section.

    Also, we have exceptionally large produce, seafood and meat sections with selections you won’t find just anywhere! You need to see these departments to truly appreciate them. Along with this, we carry Thumann’s cold cuts (one of very few in the area that do), have a fresh, made in-store sushi section and a grab and go, made fresh daily juice bar with a courtesy cards for frequent shoppers.

    There is so much more we would like to say about the store but we don’t want to overwhelm you with information! We really hope to see you in the store soon and please let us know what you think about it!

    Thank you,
    Bell Farms

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